Alliance Launched To Save Bees

Sixty-five chefs, restaurant owners and other culinary leaders joined us to launch the Bee Friendly Food Alliance. Through the Alliance, chefs and restaurateurs are calling attention to the importance of bees to our food supply, the dramatic die-off of bee populations, and the need to protect our pollinators. LEARN MORE.

News Release | Environment Iowa

Clean Water Act Turns 40 – Progress Made, More Needed

“Today, the Mississippi and Des Moines Rivers don’t threaten to ignite.  But we face a new set of problems. Thanks to two polluter-driven court cases, too many of our waterways are currently unprotected under the clean water act.  In fact here in Iowa 62% of our streams may be unprotected from pollution under the Clean Water Act, risking the health of 667 thousand Iowans and hundreds of acres of our wetlands.”

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Report | Environment Iowa Research and Policy Center

When it Rains, it Pours

Global warming is happening now and its effects are being felt in the United States and around the world. Among the expected consequences of global warming is an increase in the heaviest rain and snow storms, fueled by increased evaporation and the ability of a warmer atmosphere to hold more moisture.

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News Release | Environment Iowa

New Report: Extreme Downpours Up 35 Percent in Iowa

Eleven months after a heavy rainstorm led to record flooding that devastated Council Bluffs, a new Environment Iowa report confirms that extreme rainstorms are happening 35 percent more frequently in Iowa since 1948.

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Study details Iowa waterway pollution concerns

DES MOINES – Environment groups that studied the federal government’s toxic release inventory issued a report Thursday indicating that industrial facilities discharged – both legally and illegally – more than 6.2 million pounds of toxic chemicals into Iowa’s waterways in 2010.

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