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Goal: Revoke the oil, gas and coal industries’ “social license” to operate as usual by building the fossil fuel free divestment movement.
Even as global warming accelerates, it appears that the major oil, gas and coal companies are sticking to business as usual. Fortunately, it also appears that a growing number of investors understand that the industry’s business model is incompatible with what scientists are telling us we must do to slow global warming.  That’s why we’re supporting the fossil fuel divestment movement.
  • <h4>BUSINESS AS USUAL IS A DEAD-END</h4><h5>To slow global warming, fossil fuel companies can no longer operate as usual. We need to leave most oil, gas and coal in the ground.</h5><em>Antandrus via Wikimedia CC-BY-SA-2.0</em>
  • <h4>$6 TRILLION DIVESTED</h4><h5>In recent years, portfolios worth a combined $6 trillion have partly or completely divested from fossil fuels.</h5>
  • <h4>WE'RE DOING OUR PART</h4><h5>We’re helping to build the divestment movement. Download your guide to fossil fuel free investing.</h5>
Something has to change

Even as global warming accelerates, it appears that the major oil, gas and coal companies are not flinching from business as usual.

They plan to extract as much oil, gas or coal as they can profitably drill or mine, despite scientists’ warnings that any hope of meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Accord hinges on keeping the vast majority of these fuels in the ground.

Something has to change.

Fossil fuel divestment

Fortunately, it also appears that a growing number of investors, including large institutions, have become keenly aware of the clash between the fossil fuel industry’s business model and the actions scientists say are necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change. This awareness has given rise to the fossil fuel divestment movement.   

The fossil fuel industry is more responsible than any other for destabilizing the climate. The divestment movement’s goal is to revoke the industry’s “social license” to operate as usual.

Of course, not every investor understands precisely how to divest from fossil fuel companies. We’re doing our part to make it easier. Download your guide to fossil fuel free investing.

The movement is growing

Since the divestment movement began, portfolios worth a combined  $39.2 trillion have committed to divest from fossil fuels — that’s a figure higher than the annual GDP of the United States and China combined have partly or completely divested from fossil fuels. Among those divesting are Harvard University, Rockefeller Family and New York City's pension fund.

While $39 trillion is a big number, the fossil fuel industry is enormous. Can divestment really have an impact? Two recent studies say yes, it can. The first study found the movement is already having an impact on oil company share prices, which raises the industry’s capital costs, and in turn makes exploration for and development of oil reserves more expensive. The second study suggests the movement has helped advance the debate on climate change.

Members and activists call attention to the Trump administration attempts to roll back clean car standards.
Using every lever we can

Our research partner Environment America Research & Policy Center continues to study and report on the contributors to and effects of global warming. Environment Iowa and our national network continue to advocate and defend federal climate policies from the Clean Power Plan to federal Clean Car standards—as well as state and regional policies, such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Now we’re doing our part to grow the fossil fuel divestment movement by sharing the Guide to Fossil Fuel Free Investing.

With our leaders in Washington moving in the wrong direction on global warming, we have to do all we can and use every lever we can to reduce the pollution that’s accelerating climate change. Fossil fuel divestment is one such lever, and a powerful one. We’re proud to do our part. Download your guide today.

Your guide to fossil fuel free investing

Join the movement of people around the world divesting from fossil fuels. Together we can have a real impact on climate change.