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Statement: Trump administration’s proposed funding for Land and Water Conservation Fund won’t protect our natural beauty

"It’s both unfortunate and, frankly, puzzling to see the Trump administration thumb its nose at something everyone wants: Continued support for the primary funding source for parks, hiking trails and other public lands."

News Release | Environment Iowa

Statement: The state of the union is perilous

President Donald Trump gave his third State of the Union address at the Capitol this evening. The president boasted about what he considers his accomplishments. However, many of those “accomplishments” are leaving a trail of environmental destruction in their wake.

News Release | Environment Iowa

New Dirty Water Rule puts Mississippi River and Iowa’s drinking water at risk

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today finalized a rule that leaves half the nation’s wetlands and thousands of streams -- which help provide millions of Americans with drinking water -- without the federal protection of the Clean Water Act.

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Statement: House passes suite of clean water safeguards on “forever chemicals”

The U.S. House approved a bipartisan measure today to protect America’s water and air from toxic “forever chemicals” best known by the acronym PFAS. The PFAS Action Act (H.R. 535) passed the House by a bipartisan vote of 247–159. Environment America has long advocated for stronger protections on PFAS as part of its No Toxics On Tap campaign. The national nonpartisan organization successfully worked with Congress last year to phase out the military’s use of these chemicals in firefighting foams under the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. While that phaseout was a significant step, the PFAS Action Act takes further action to curtail continuing sources of pollution to water and air as well as establish new provisions to clean up existing contamination.