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President Recommits to Tackling Global Warming in Inaugural Address

In his inaugural address, President Obama committed to do more to tackle global warming in his second term, building on the strong foundation his administration laid over the last four years. From Hurricane Sandy, to raging forest fires, to the worst drought since the Dust Bowl, far too many Americans and the places we love have been devastated by recent extreme weather events fueled by global warming.

News Release | Environment Iowa

Wind Energy in Iowa Prevents as Much Global Warming Pollution as Taking 1,187,000 Cars Off the Road Each Year

Des Moines, IA - As Hurricane Sandy and this summer’s drought prompt more Iowans to call for action to tackle global warming and the rise in extreme weather, Environment Iowa released a new report today that shows that Iowa’s current power generation from wind energy displaces as much global warming pollution as taking 1,187,000  cars off the road per year. All of Iowa has also suffered from severe or extreme drought this year, and the Environment Iowa report shows that wind power saves enough water to meet the needs of 98,100 Iowans.

News Release | Environment Iowa

Clean Water Act Turns 40 – Progress Made, More Needed

“Today, the Mississippi and Des Moines Rivers don’t threaten to ignite.  But we face a new set of problems. Thanks to two polluter-driven court cases, too many of our waterways are currently unprotected under the clean water act.  In fact here in Iowa 62% of our streams may be unprotected from pollution under the Clean Water Act, risking the health of 667 thousand Iowans and hundreds of acres of our wetlands.”