News Release | Environment Iowa Research and Policy Center

The Des Moines River, Haunted by Toxic Discharge and Manure

Today on the shores of The Des Moines River, Environment Iowa held an event to release “Ten Scary Facts about Iowa’s Waterways,” a new factsheet which compiles 10 of the most frightening realities about pollution in the area's most iconic waterway. The group was joined by Craig Cox, Senior Vice President with the Environmental Working Group and Tayler Chicoine, leader of Iowater at Grinnell College.

News Release | Environment Iowa

Environment Iowa Delivers over 5,000 Petition Signatures Calling on Senate to Protect Iowa’s Rivers

Today, the local environmental non-profit organization Environment Iowa delivered over 5,000 petition signatures to Sen. Dick Dearden, Chair of the Natural Resources Committee, calling on Iowa leaders to protect Iowa’s rivers by reducing runoff pollution from corporate agribusiness.

News Release | Environment Iowa Research & Policy Center

Every Single Iowa County Hit By At Least One Recent Weather Disaster; New Report Says Global Warming to Bring More Extreme Weather

While much of Iowa is still suffering from this summer’s drought, which left Iowa’s farmers with $1 billion in crop damages, a new Environment Iowa Research & Policy Center report finds that weather-related disasters are already affecting hundreds of millions of Americans, and documents how global warming could lead to certain extreme weather events becoming even more common or more severe in the future.

News Release | Environment Iowa

18 Local Elected Leaders, Outdoors Businesses, Environmental Advocacy Groups Call on President Obama to Protect Loess Hills, Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge

Des Moines--Today, Environment Iowa and 18 groups released a letter to President Obama calling for lasting protections for the Loess Hills and Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge from development and budget cuts. The Loess Hills and Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge and other beloved parks in Iowa have been providing Iowa residents with lifelong memories for decades. With groups from the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to Active Endeavors signed on, the letter demonstrates the tremendous value that citizens, outdoors organizations, and local business owners place on Iowa’s public parks.